Winter Chills in Strata Brings Increased Fire Risks

Increased Fire Risks

With Winter soon on the way, the use of heaters and other electrical items to warm apartments increases the risk of fires in strata buildings as lot owners and tenants choose to stay indoors and out of the cold.

What are the most common causes of fire?

According to Fire and Rescue NSW the most common causes of fires, especially in winter, are:

  • Faulty electric and gas heaters
  • Items placed too close to heaters
  • Children knocking over heaters
  • Portable outdoor heaters
  • Overloaded powerboards
  • Kitchen cooktops and appliances
  • Wheat bags kept in bed
  • Electric blankets
  • Smoking and candles
  • Buildings at risk with flammable cladding

Is your building fire safe?

Now is the ideal time to ensure you are familiar and up to date with the fire safety requirements for your strata building and to ensure:

  • Your building has had its annual fire safety inspection by an accredited Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) inspector, and everything is in working order and in line with the NSW fire safety laws
  • Your annual fire safety statement, which is mandatory for most buildings, is lodged with the local council and Fire and Rescue NSW

How do you help ensure your building is fire safe?

A ‘Fire Safety By-law’ can help ensure all tenants and lot owners are fully aware of the fire safety requirements they must obey and don’t do anything to create a fire safety risk. This type of By-Law can also make tenants and owners liable for false fire alarm call out fees or for any damage they cause to the building. This type of By-Law can greatly enhance the fire safety of your building.

Prepared by
Adrian Mueller I BCOM LLB FACCAL I Partner

Author: Adrian Mueller