Recognising when a solution can cause more harm than good

solution can cause more harm than good

Knowledge is power, and when this power is embraced by a team, it creates leaders in an industry.
In premium building management, leadership entails learning from the best in the industry and constantly improving your company’s deliverables.

When All About Building Management (AABM) is invited to review a new building, the first thing that catches our eyes is metal trays throughout the facility designed to capture water leaks; this is a bad idea and AABM does not promote this masking solution.

At AABM, we do not install metal traps to collect water at a slab soffit. We recognise that in most cases, this solution can cause more harm than good because water continues to flow through the joints, deteriorating the concrete and reinforcement. Eventually, the reinforcement will lose structural integrity and capacity.

The fact that we only hire premium building managers sends a strong message to our clients. As an experienced and confident team, we strive to rid our clients of past building management mistakes. We seek solutions that protect our clients’ best interests and steer them away from band-aid solutions.

At AABM, we are constantly looking for better ways to do things and provide better experiences to our clients, while enjoying the feel-good factor that comes with being a premium building management service.

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