Our Strata Industry is Evolving Rapidly – Are All Sectors Included?

Strata Industry is Evolving Rapidly

Our Strata industry is evolving rapidly. With strata industry leaders collectively contributing where problems exist and their development of tighter parameters guiding our industries professionalism. This leadership inspires us all to contribute to making our industry stronger and the best it can be.

Over the last few years, we have seen our strata industries finest representatives contribute to the office of the Building Commissioner for changes to our industry around defects, cladding, and construction of class 2 buildings. As a follow up, their efforts to educate and support the strata management sector with the changes, has been nothing short of impressive. The unfortunate reality is, this extraordinary forward planning for the strata management sector has deficiencies at an “on the ground” mitigation level. The building management sector in particular.

My unique position as a registered DBPR and working within the building management space, understanding there are educational gaps for changes and the compliances within our sector. This education is vital to fully implement what the Building Commissioners office and the SCA coalition are working to achieve. It is essential to close the gap where there has not been sufficient focus on what happens at the building management level.

To do this, our industry needs to look at the DBPR and not how it relates to the strata management sector, instead consider education and mitigation for processes related to onsite counter effect and understand what the requirements are when remedial changes and upgrades occur. This would be a logical next stage of education if the building management industry had professional standards. Instead, our industry is saturated by untrained representatives who have no business managing the integrity of the most significant investment owners will make, let alone understanding the DBPR.

The building management industry has some great players dedicated to leading our industry. There are those of us within the building management industry who are dedicated to new developments, education, and leadership. For myself, it’s the new development of defect facilitation, defect software, and remediation. For others, it is a dedication to the more concierge end of the industry and professional servicing of class 2 buildings. Unfortunately, little of the focus is on what we as an industry are doing close up.

With more inclusive representation from the building management industry, our vital input will not be lost if we can work towards closing these gaps and educating. We want to see the changes filter through where the issues can be mitigated early.

Proactive building management, education and inclusion, is the next step. It would be amazing to see this coalition of the Building Commissioners office and SCA to continue to break new ground by adapting this to mitigation on the ground level.

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Author- Chris Gray
Grays Rescue Building Management

Author: Chris Gray