Making Major Remediation a Dust Free Deliverable for Owners Corporations

Major Remediation

At All About Building Management, it is important for our team to understand the impact of major remediation events and the impact on strata living.

A good practitioner representing an owners corporation understands that remedial works come with major dust and often displacement. Although the show must go on, does it have to be this way?

Over the last two years, dust extraction has changed dramatically in technology, and it is vital building managers and engineers are insisting on best practices to minimize the impact on owners corporations and their strata living conditions. It’s time to include this as one of the deliverables during the tendering process.

As a policy, All About Building Management is working on having our team working with our selected panel of contractors only, these are contractors that meet our company required standards and core capabilities not just in remediation outcomes, it is also about the journey and how they get to that point.  

The days of building managers bringing in their preferred contractors is not conducive to building management leadership.

A firm panel of contractors that have “best practice” methods is what we are about. Although it’s hard for a team to change it’s ways, lets face it, bringing in people you know who do a good job is easy and can be less time consuming.

In this new year, our management team will be working closely with our team to educate them about best practice contractors and working with a selected panel so as a team, All About Building Management can continue to grow and promote building management excellence.

Prepared by
Faye Gray for All About Building Management

Author: Faye Gray for All About Building Management