How “Grow Or Die” is a positive step forward for the strata professional services industry in 2024

You don’t need to be an expert to recognize that 2024 will be the year of forced remediation; it is the only answer. However, to do this, the strata professional services industry needs to change its mode of operation.

With all of the changes, noise, legislative upgrades, and Sunday Roasting the industry has endured, I still believe that the industry is dragging its heels in reforming its mode of operation. Read through their articles and the posts, and it is clear that The Commission and David Chandler, in particular, are taking quite a progressive position and direction. And rapidly.

In my opinion, forced remediation will make it become an entirely new strata industry in 2024; this is positive. However, I do predict that many smaller players across the strata of the professional industry sector will disappear by 2025 because of it. Grow or die.

This includes smaller service providers, engineering firms, strata management, building management and defect project management like us.

We have chosen to grow, and Grays Rescue has formed a coalition with All About Building Management so that together, we are ready to project manage forced remediation as a strong, formidable team. HSE is an ingredient missing in residential strata remediation and as PCBU we intend to prioritise it..

We experienced a strange phenomenon in 2023 where owners of corporations have been reluctant to proceed with defect remediation due to global circumstances. This puts strata and building managers on a collision course with the duty of care legislation, and owners of corporations are kidding themselves if they think the commission will accept this for much longer. In the end, remediation will be forced onto owners’ corporations; you don’t need to be an expert to see this coming.

The one achievement the NSW Building Commissioner, David Chandler, has forced within the strata industry in 2023 is to put all the bottom-feeder strata managers on notice and, by default, building managers. I am referring to actual works carried out to avoid scrutiny under “Emergency Works” and associated cost escalation. The legislation is there for a reason, yet in 2024, I am still fighting with strata managers trying this on.

I welcome a new strata industry where only the strong survive. However, just as long as it’s quality over quantity, not sausage factory modelling. David Chandler, that part is in your hands through your actions in 2024.

Prepared by
Chris Gray
Grays Rescue

Author: Chris Gray