Electric Vehicles are all the Rage!

Electric Vehicles are all the Rage!

There has been a substantial increase in the number of electric vehicles (EV) being purchased by residents of strata buildings from cars to bikes and other vehicles.

 A Recent Study

A recent study of the ‘future of EV charging in Sydney apartments’ revealed that: 

  • 48% of respondents plan to have an electric vehicle of some kind, within the next 5 years
  • 78% were in favour of installing charging facilities
  • 79% would like a user-pays arrangement for individual vehicle spaces

Does an EV Charger Require Owners Corporation Approval? 

The fact is that electric vehicles need charging and that means installing electric vehicle chargers in
your apartment block is inevitable. Installation of electric vehicle chargers will normally involve changes to common property that require owners corporation approval through a by-law.

But what should the by-law cover?
There are two key issues which should be covered in the by-law. First, who pays for the cost of the electricity that will be used by the EV charger?

Second, what happens if the EV chargers requires the building’s electricity infrastructure to be upgraded (e.g. to 3 phase power)? Who pays for the upgrade?

Get your EV By-law from the Experts

Our specialist team of strata lawyers have drafted many by-laws permitting owners to install electric vehicle chargers in strata buildings. Our EV by-law covers all essentials including:

  • Who is responsible for paying for the cost of electricity used to charge electric vehicles.
  • Any necessary upgrades to the electricity infrastructure in the building.

Get your electric vehicle by-law

Prepared by JS Mueller & Co Lawyers

Author: JS Mueller & Co Lawyers