Are defects in apartments leaving strata owners morality injured?

Defects in apartments

The psychological impact and the feeling of betrayal imposed on unexpected apartment owners, is a conversation we are all having within the defects industry, from engineers, strata managers, legal teams to the defect facilitation managers like myself.

While working side by side with the owners of Mascot Towers over the last two years, there is no more significant example of psychologically exhausted apartment owners who are incessantly overwhelmed while approaching their third year.

While my example is the extreme of our defect facilitation experiences, the heart-sinking feeling of all owners facing significant defects is systemic for all.

While we often hear the comments that the remediation industry is out to profit, while apartment owners are left counting the cost. My experience is nothing further from this myth. In reality, the impact imposed on these owners drives many of our industry-leading experts to dig deeper than ever for a resolution and a resolve for these buildings.

Across our industry, it’s evident, the emotional roller coaster we witness owners corporations endure is the driving force that pushes our industry to continue to deliver. As for the question of owners being morally injured, I refer to Mascot Towers owners. For these apartment owners to show gratitude and kindness while facing such adversity is admirable. It is extraordinary resilience and the reason why our industry feel so profoundly committed to defect resolution and resolve.

Chris Gray

Grays Rescue Building Management

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Author: Chris Gray