After a crack down on fire services contractors, it’s still not apples for apples.  

fire services contractors

Standards have changed for AFSS and this is applauded across the entire strata spectrum, however, we anticipated that with the crackdown, fire service contractors would end up more “apples for apples”.

I find myself disappointed at the inconsistency of the request for quotes (RFQ) process with fire service contractors; its never apples for apples

Recently, I received as AFSS pass off by a fire services contractor that was equivalent to maintenance only and equivalent to an AFSS form completed 10 years old.

When I asked the fire services contractor what they playing at, I was convinced because I am a female operating a building management company, that they thought I would not know the difference.

Now let not put every fire services contractor into the same basket, we are impressed at the dedication of the leading fire services contractors who’s mode of operation is to instil AFSS regulations to the highest level, the fire services industry is growing in the right direction

Like many building management companies, All About Building Management (AABM) judge our success in milestones and you are only as good as your latest AFSS.

The management of access into units is an age old story, it is the performance of your fire services contractor that lets you down or elevates you during this process.

I think it is fair to say you get what you pay for in a fire services contractor.

A fireman said to me once, fire won’t kill you, the smoke will get you long before the fire does.

AABM leadership team have invested in a value chain supply manager where all contractors and suppliers now face a market value procurement and tight deliverables.

Fire contractors beware, to make it as an AABM panel supplier, our concerns will be met. Our entire building management team are on board.

Written by Faye Gray
All About Building Management

Author: Faye Gray