5 Tips To Promote Sustainability in Strata – NSW

5 Tips To Promote Sustainability

With climate change becoming more of a prominent issue so does its impact on our lot owners everyday life. It is so important communities living in strata titles know ways they can be a part of the solution to helping reduce our environmental impact.  

It can be hard to believe but every single person can help no matter how little the impact. Everyone can do more to live a sustainable lifestyle in strata.  

Below we will outlined tips SSKB recommends for living a sustainable lifestyle in strata living.  

1. Preserve Energy

There are many simple ways to increase energy efficiency around your home. This is arguably the easiest way to promote a sustainable lifestyle in strata.  

 Easy ways to improve your strata lot energy efficiency include: 

  • Turn off lights in room when they are not being used 
  • Consider switching to LED lights 
  • Have you air conditioner set to 20-22 degrees  
  • Switch to renewable energy sources eg. Solar power, wind energy 
  • Consider energy efficiency when purchasing appliances 
  • Insulate ceilings, walls and floors 
  • Install an energy efficient hot water system 

In regard to common property eg. Hallways, gyms areas easy ways to improve energy efficiency include switching to LED lights. 

2. Decrease water wastage

Heating, pumping and treating water uses a lot of energy and is also very expensive. Evidently, it is so important to try to reduce water consumption in your Owners Corporation property whenever possible. This will help promote a more sustainable lifestyle in strata. Not only will you be helping our dams, bays, rivers and water supplies but by reducing water wastage you will also be reducing carbon pollution and your carbon footprint.  

Easy ways to reduce your strata apartment water consumption include: 

  • Take shorter showers 
  • Turn off tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, washing hair 
  • Limit using washing machine and dishwasher 
  • Make the switch to water efficient appliances and fixtures 

3. Gardening initiatives

Communal gardens can be an amazing initiative to help connect people to nature and build community ties with other people living in strata.  

 Veggie gardens can also help reduce pollutions and trees can create shade and potentially reduce the need for indoor cooling systems. Only it’s important to remember the type of greenery that is planted needs to improve your strata property sustainability. A smart solution is choosing native plants as they survive with less water. You can also consider creating a compost heap for organic waste or even a worm farm. This will not only reduce waste but also enrich the soil for gardens around the strata build. 

4. Investing in smart technology

Technology is such a powerful tool that can be used to enhance and improve processes. Not surprisingly technology is at the forefront of substantiality in residential spaces like Owners Corporation properties. Implementing smart technology solutions is so important when considering rolling out upgrades to infrastructure, common property and technology.   

At SSKB we continue to lead the way with digital innovation from our very own SSSKB app to our click2 vote function to make the lives of our committee members easy and build a positive difference in our communities. 

5. Recycling

Recycling has so many positive impacts especially in regard to promoting sustainable strata living. So, recycling materials such as glass, paper, aluminium is one of the easiest ways to improve your strata property sustainability. It can reduce energy usage and reduce your strata property greenhouse gas emissions.  

By simply improving your strata buildings lightning, water, usage, energy sources, gardening initiatives and recycling you can drastically improve your strata property sustainability.  

Author: SSKB